The LISBON LANGUAGE CAFÉ was founded in September 2014.

It is now located in the center of Lisbon (Santos – 7 minutes walk from Cais do Sodré train station), and it was created with the aim of teaching the Portuguese language.

Our intensive course is a 1-week ou 2-week made up of 3 hours in groups of 1 to 4 students.

If you want to learn fast and if you want a daily challenge, this is the perfect course for you.

This course is structured in order to rapidly enrich your knowledge of the language so that you can quickly accomplish your goals.

You will be given all the keys to succeed in your mission to become a fluent in Portuguese.  

We believe that in 2 weeks you will feel that you have learned a lot! This achievement will also be thanks to all the E-learning Platforms that have created for our students (Podcasts, videos and our learning studio!).  

At the end of your course, you may decide to enroll for additional lessons. We will be happy to guide you to find the best solution for you.

The 2-week course includes a final course certificate!

We require NO enrolment fees.

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ADDRESS: rua do Instituto Industrial number 18, floor 3, right door – Santos, Lisboa

Our courses include

A grammar book with all the explanations and exercises that you need;

A folder to archive all the documents from the class;

Access to the our E-learning platforms (Podcasts and Quizlet)

A certificate of attendance at the end of the course with the number of hours and the level accomplished by you.

portuguese course certificate lisbon

ADDRESS: rua do Instituto Industrial number 18, floor 1, right door – Santos

Terms and conditions: A course is always guaranteed even if it doesn’t have a minimum number of students, however, the number of hours may be reduced. In the event that an intensive course runs with less than 2 students, Lisbon Language Café offers 2 daily hours (120 minutes) instead of three. The price will always remain the same.

Cancellation Policy (Intensive/Extensive courses) A. More than 30 days prior notice – 60% refund B. Less than 30 days – 30% refund c. During the course – no refund

COMPARING the COST of Portuguese Schools in Lisbon (2020)


Intensive Courses (2 weeks)

Lisbon Language café: 300€ for 30 hours (2 weeks). 1 to 4 students. Price per hour: 10€

Lisbon Language Café: Google Reviews: 61 ** Classification: 4.8/5 ** Experience: 5 years

Portuguese connection 500€ for 40 hours (2 weeks). 3 to 8 students. Price per hour: 12,5€

Portuguese connection: Google Reviews: 67 ** Classification 4.9/5 ** Experience: 6 years

Portuguesetcetera: 370€ for 30 hours (2 weeks). 3 to 8 students. Price per hour: 12,3€

Portuguesetcetera: Google Reviews: 28 *** Classification: 4.8/5 *** Experience: 8 years

Lusaschool: 560€ for 40 hours (2 weeks). 3 to 9 students. Price per hour: 14€

Lusaschool: Google Reviews: 60 *** Classification: 4.8/5 *** Experience: 2 years