The most famous fair of Lisbon: feira da Ladra

The most famous fair of Lisbon: feira da Ladra

Fairs are an important part of the portuguese culture. It a traditional fact that you can find a lot in the capital of Portuguese.

These fairs are amateur markets of boot markets where you can buy all kind of items: old records, souvenirs, old books. Fair take place in squares, cornes, gardens or parks.  It is one of the experences that you have to have, you have to go there and enjoy the colours and the environment of these places.


Items and prices

You will find many different things at a lower price and you will experience the atmosphere of the place: vendors very focused that will try to convince you to buy all kind of nice things (and some of them not so nice…).

Feira da Ladra (or flea market) is the most famous market of Lisbon! The fair was born in the XIII century and has happened in many different places of the capital. However, on 1903, was placed in Campo de Santa and since then has been there.


The name of the Fair

The name of the fair is connected with an old story that says that people used to sell stolen objects in this fair. No one knows if this is a true story or not but it is a fact that you will be able to find there many interesting items with super interesting prices.

99% of the objects are second hand items, not all of them are beautiful but they are, at least, odd and different.

Going to feira da ladra is not just na opportunity to buy or sell stuff, i tis much more than that. I tis also the whole experience, the atmosphere the walking experience, the conversation with sellers and, of the course, the stuff that you will the home.

Summing up, you simply can’t lose this chance and this opportunity to visit the flea fair and buy something that will make remember for ever our beloved city: Lisbon!


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