Well, the answer depends on your level. If you are starting your Portuguese from scratch the answer is NO. If you are an advanced Portuguese student the answer is YES!

A1 and A2 students struggle to understand Portuguese native speakers. If you are (or if you were a Portuguese student), I am sure that you had the chance to watch Portuguese TV. And I am also sure that you didn’t understand much. On TV, people speak too fast for your Portuguese listening skills.

Portuguese students should be exposed to activities and challenges in accordance with their level of competences. If you are an A1 student you should be using A1 podcasts and not trying to watch Portuguese TV (spoken by native speakers – C2 level).

Watching Portuguese TV and listening to Portuguese radio should be an activity for B2 students (and higher). Before reaching this level (and if you want to reach this advanced level), you have to use your time wisely! Use always the materials that will make you consolidate what you are learning at that point. Don’t waste your limited time with activities that you just can’t do!


Portuguese television with subtitles

Watching Portuguese tv with subtitles is a great activity for B1 students. However, it is not easy to find TV programs with this option. However, if you find them, use them. It will be challenging but you will learn new words and new vocabulary. You can also try to find this resource on youtube.

There are many Portuguese history TV programs with subtitles that will make you learn more about the history and culture of Portugal. At the same time, you will learn more about our language and you will improve your listening skills (which is, in my opinion as a Portuguese teacher, the most important skill for your learning process.

Take a look at this video related to the history of Guarda (a Portuguese city). Don’t forget to use the automatic subtitles provided by youtube (they are not great but they will help you).