Portuguese music will improve your learning process

Portuguese music as a tool to learn the language


Learning portuguese or any other language is a long process. You will face hard moments and you will also have a lot of fun. Listening music is always nice and can be a useful and pleasant way to improve your portuguese skills.

How? Check our tips:

  1. Music gets stuck in your head

Music sometimes can be sticky. When we enjoy a music we tend to listen it over and over again. If you memorize the lyrics we are sure that you will learn many new words that will expand your vocabulary and your grammar.

  • Try to sing in Portuguese

You don’t have to be able to sing well. That  is not relevant. Just sing it and you will see how your pronunciation will improve.

  • Lyrics

Read, translate and think about the lyrics. Try to translate into your mother tongue and compare the structures, compares the verbs and learn.

  • Try different musics and types of music until you find the one that you love.

Portuguese music has greats artists. We suggest the following singers:

FADO: Camané and Mariza

Portuguese Rock: Xutos e pontapés and GNR

Portuguese Jazz singers: Salvador sobral and Elisa rodrigues  

  • Watch live concerts

This is the perfect oportunity to know the atmosphere of a portuguese concert. You will meet portuguese people who share the same musical preferences.

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