It is the only museum in the world fully dedicated to an idiom. It was inaugurated in 2005 in a train station in São Paulo in Brazil.

The objective was to create a great and different museum about the Portuguese language. In fact, there are aspects of the language that can be surprising even for Portuguese people. The idea is oriented towards Portuguese speakers that live all over the world, from Portugal to Africa, the islands and also Brazil.

It tries to clarify things like history, the particularities and also the evolution and the idiom.

Everything started in 2002 when the station was renovated. The Estação da Luz (the name of the train station), used to be the first contact that thousands of immigrants from many different countries had with the Portuguese language. In fact, the influx of non-Portuguese immigrants in Brazil had a very important influence on the evolution of the Portuguese language.

The museum is very interactive and if you decide to visit it you will be in contact with art and loads of technology. Not far from the expositions, visitors can also see the Tree of languages, a masterpiece sculpture about the Portuguese language.

The place is divided into several rooms. The Auditorium speaks about the rise of human language. The Grand Gallery is related to different aspects of the language and part of the culture: music, human relations, food, and much more.
Portuguese poems can also be found in this place in a great projection with sound and images to complete your experience in this fantastic museum about the Portuguese language.

portuguese language museum