Fluent in Portuguese

How long do I need to get fluent in Portuguese?
If you are learning portuguese we are sure that your already did the following question to yourself: how long do I need to get fluent in Portuguese?

The answer isn’t easy because it depends on many different things.

Check our opinion:

1. Learning a foreign language for the first time
If this is the first time that you are learning a second language in your life, it will take you a litle bit longer. In fact, there are basic grammar concepts that can help you to understand how the new language works.
Concepts like regular verbs, irregular verbs, adverbs, adjetives and other grammar concepts will accelerate your learning proccess.

2. Free time available
Learning portuguese or another foreign language isn’t a fast process. It takes time and we usually say that you should think it as a marathon. You need to study, revise, consolidate and work hard. To do it you will need to spend some of your free time with this new language.

3. Don’t expect perfection shortly
After a few months you will be able to start communicating a litle bit in portuguese but you will need much more time to be fluent in Portuguese.

As a portuguese teacher I can tell you that a had students that after 1 year finished level B1 but I also have students that after 2 years were still working on A2 level.

4. Are you used to learn (in general)?
People who are used to learn new things learn faster a new language. If your brain is agile you will learn portuguese much more quickly than someone who isn’t.

5. Can you speak Italian or Spanish?
If that’s your case you will be glad to know that learning portuguese in Lisbon will be easier! There many words and grammar rules that are super similar (when you compare portuguese, spanish and italian).

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