Learning portuguese in Lisbon


Every single portuguese student asks the following question: “Is Portuguese a hard language to learn?”. There isn’t one simple answer for this question. It depends on many different things such as:
1- Your motivation to learn portuguese
2- Your background in languages
3- Your learning skills
4- Your teacher and the materials that you will use

If you have decided to learn portuguese in Lisbon you should know that this is the best way to learn the idiom. You have to immerse yourself in the portuguese language and culture. The capital of Portugal is beautiful, Lisbon is multicultural, beautiful and a city full of history.

Check the advantages of taking a portuguese course in Lisbon with gateway to portuguese:

1- You will be able to make friendly conversation in cafés, supermarkets, bars, discos,…
2- You will order portuguese food and portuguese drinks in portuguese
3- You can join language exchange grou por portuguese conversation lessons and meet other students and portuguese native teachers.


Portuguese food

“Food, glorious food!” – One of the things that everybody loves about Lisbon

Here you will experience the portuguese gastronomy and you will be delighted with it!
Why? Ask for recommensations, try different dishes and don’t Forget to try the fresh portuguese fish!
Portuguese people are very proud when it comes to food and wine. In Lisbon you will not only learn portuguese, will will also try the best gastronomy in the world. Speak with native speakers! Many students find themselves involved in conversations with locals discussing food and drinks.
Eating out is a tremendous part of the portuguese culture and will be great for you to practice and consolidate your portuguese language skills.

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