“Santos populares” in Lisbon

June is a special month in Lisbon and Portugal. Lisbon gets even nicer than usual with more parties, more music, and more fun!
The Popular Saints Festival is celebrated throughout the month of June in our country. The most important party (Santo António – Saint Anthony) is celebrated on the 13 of June.
In the north of the country, in Porto, the most important celebration happens on 24 of June to celebrate “São João”.
In Lisbon and in Porto you will find the streets decorated and animated for many days before and after the parties.

How do Portuguese people celebrate these parties?

In the capital of the country, parties take place in the oldest parts of the city – Ajuda, Alfama Mouraria, etc. If you decide to visit Lisbon at this time of the year you will see beautiful decorations everywhere.
Sardines are the main traditional food at this time of the year during celebrations.

And, if you want to impress your partner, you can offer him/her a small bushel of basil, and don’t forget to include a note of love.
The most important event takes place right in the city center on the 12th of June. The atmosphere is great and the party begins around 9 pm and lasts several hours!
The music across the festival season includes FADO and PIMBA – 2 Portuguese traditional types of Portuguese music. (we prefer Fado!)
Don’t forget to take with you training shoes to walk around and enjoy the atmosphere!

popular saints in lisbon in june