Learning Portuguese in Lisbon involves organization and effort. Learning a new language isn’t a straightforward activity and there are no shortcuts!

This means that you have to find a way to integrate your study of Portuguese in your daily / weekly routine.

Our experience tells us that 4 or 5 hours per week would be a great job! No one can study for 20 or 30 hours per week on a long term basis.

You should also create a study plan that includes different activities of Portuguese: listening, writing, grammar, speaking.

Keep your agenda open. Study every time you can and don’t forget that you have to feel some pleasure in this Portuguese learning process.


How many hours of study per level (A1, A2, and B1)?

Once again, the right answer to these questions (that many Portuguese students do) is… it really depends on many different factors!

But let’s try to give you an idea about this topic.

A1 Level in Portuguese (no background in Spanish or Italian): 60 to 80 hours

30 to 40 hours of lessons (contact time)

40 to 50 hours of homework

A2 Level in Portuguese (same context): 80 to 100 hours

40 to 50 hours of lessons (contact time)

30 to 40 hours of homework

20 hours of conversation (with Portuguese friends) in Portuguese

B1 Level in Portuguese: 100 – 150 hours 

50 hours of lessons (contact time) and

50 hours of homework

50 hours of conversation in Portuguese