The Portuguese Language

The Portuguese Language

The Portuguese language is spoken in diferent countries and places in the world.

As so many other languages and idoms, the differences between accents can be very solid and can affect the hability to understand the language by those that are leaning the portuguese language.

Have a look on the main differences between Portuguese from Portugal and Portuguese from Brasil.


Grammar and Spelling – Portuguese Language

It will be hard for you to find strong diferences between the spelling of these two countries as there aren’t many differences.
However, people from Brasil are very creative when they use the idiom and, very often, they turn substantives into verbs.

Check the following example: : “vou dar os parabéns à Maria!” means to congratulate Maria in Lisbon but brasilian people change and transform the noun “parabéns” into a new well known verb called “parabenizar”.

When assimilating foreign and coloquial expressions, Brazilian people can be very creative in terms of phonetics.
On the other hand, Portuguese people is more resistant to this kind of phonetics changes.

The world of  “Sotaques” (Accents)

When you learn European Portuguese, you will feel that Brazilian Portuguese is easier to ear and understand than Portuguese from Portugal.  In the capital of Portugal, people from Lisbon speak very fast and much faster than in São Paulo or Brasilia.
Brazilian from Rio de Janeiro  and from Brazil in general has a strong but easy accent which makes the idiom easier for those that intend to learn the portuguese idiom.

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