The neighborhoods of Lisbon

The neighborhoods of Lisbon

The city of Lisbon has many different neighborhoods. Each area has its own great things to explore and to experience and all of them have many things to discover and remember.

Check our list of áreas/places that you must know in the capital of Portugal:

1. Baixa-Chiado  – neighborhoodsof Lisbon

This área can be described as ‘shabby-chic’. There loads of shoppers and we are sue that you will have all the souveniers that you want to offer to your family and friends.
Rossio square is near Baixa-Chiado and it is a great place to go for a drink.
Restaurants and bars in this área are full of tourits, so if you are looking for value-for-money try a different place. But don’t Forget that you must visit Palácio do Chiado – Chiado Palace. The palace has a beautiful restaurant and a great social which offers a wide range of options.

2. Alfama/Graça – neighborhoodsof Lisbon

Alfama is a very antique neighborhood in Lisbon. The streets are narrow and very cozy. The place is full of tourists but you will also find here many portuguese women sitting with their doors open and speaking to friends and family on the street. The idea of Community is very importante is this neighbourhood of Lisbon.
Alfama is also the heart of Fado music that you have to listen and that you can listen in many restaurants of the are while you taste the Portuguese food and the Portuguese red wine.

3. Bairro Alto/Bica – neighborhoodsof Lisbon

These are the trendiest areas in the capital of Portugal and the hotspots for nightlife. In the evening it is a great place to start your night with a glass of wine while you socialize on the street. You can also step into a bar to listen some music in the fall of in the winter.

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