Several reasons why you will Learn Portuguese in Lisbon

Five reasons why you will learn Portuguese with Us!

Learn with us: Reason number one – Eat amazing and cheap food in nice restaurants
The quality of the food is an important part of the Portuguese culture and the capital of Portugal is an incredible city for those who like to eat well!
The food in Portugal is diverse with both Mediterranean and Arab influences. There many rsstaurants in Lisbon, some of them are for tourists but it will be easy for you to find portuguese restaurants where you will pay very litle for a lot.
Portugal is famous for its “pasteis de nata”, codfish, snails and wine (vinho verde. The coffee i also very importante in the Portuguese culture and five or six expressos per day is something very normal for a portuguese person.

Learn with us: Reason number 2 – Low prices and Lifestyle

Lisbon is the capital city of Portugal but it has a relaxed feel. However, the city has an abundance of activities to do at a very low price. If you like to relax, if you like surf, beaches, Libo nis your city
The capital of Portugal has been ranked as one of the best cities to live in the world. Learning Portuguese in Lisbon is much cheaper than learning Portuguese in Brazil, Angola or Mozambique. To live well in Lisbon 1000€ is enough and this budget includes accommodation.

Learn with us: Reason number 3 – Enhance your profissional and business skills
Camões language can be important to your work or to your business. The Portuguese language language is spoken not only in Portugal but in many other countries such as Brazil, Mozambique and Angola. If you can speak Portuguese your chances to get a new job will increase since ther aren’t many foreigners that can speak Portuguese well.
The start-up sector in Lisbon growing fast and this is the perfect moment immerse yourself in this great culture and in this great city, Lisbon!

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