Markets of Lisbon

Markets of Lisbon!

When Portuguese people go to a grocery shop in Lisbon, we very often think about the origin of the products that we have just bought. And we also think about how safe the products are. This is an important reason to explain why people have so much interest about the local stores. Well, if you are looking for this kind of products we have something to tell you. In Lisbon, we have MARKETS that you can’t miss!

In Lisbon you will find loads of markets that will give the possibility to purchase good and fresh products. If you just moved to the capital of Portugal and you are still discovering Lisbon we have good news for you. In this article you will learn something about some of the best Markets of Lisbon!
“Mercado da Ribeira”: This Market started in 1890 and it still is one of the most important markets of the city. The market takes place in a big building. Here you will buy fresh products and the market is open everyday from 6am to 2pm.

A. “Mercado Biológico do Príncipe Real”: Organic market where you will purchase loads of biologic products (fruits and vegetables). It is not as big as “Mercado da Ribeira” but it is very famous and loads of Portuguese visit this funny market.
Timetable: Saturday from 9am to 2pm

B.Mercado de Campo de Ourique: located in the neighbourhood of Campo de Ourique. This market started in 1934. At the beginning was just daily market for vegetables and fruits. In the year of 2013 was refurbished and nowadays has a modern and cosmopolitan appearance.

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