Learn Portuguese in Lisbon – 4 reasons

4 Reasons why you have to learn Portuguese in Lisbon

Lisbon is becoming a very popular city and now is the right moment to visit us!

  1. Great lifestyle and low prices

Lisbon is the capital city of Portugal and it still is cheap, despite the fact that the number of tourists and foreign people continues to increase.  Life is slow in Lisbon and locals have  relaxed attitude.

There loads of activities to do at a very low cost.  If you like to chill you will find beaches, surf spots and much more only 20 minutes away from the city centre.

Lisbon is always ranked as one of the best cities for quality of life in the world and it is much cheaper to learn Portuguese in Lisbon than in Brazil or Angola.

2. Eat amazing food with only 10€ per person 

Food is a very important aspect of Portuguese culture and the capital of Portugal is the best place of the globe to et well!

In Lisbon is very easy to find cheap and delicious food.

The capital of  the country is famous for its custard tarts, Codfish and green wine (vinho verde). Locals also have a major love with coffee (they drink it all the time).

3. Make new friends in Lisbon 

Lisbon is an easy place to meet people. The capital of Portugal has different communities and more than 50% of the population speaks English. Lisbon manages to maintain an authentic Portuguese feeling that is diferente from any other city of the globe.  Our Portuguese culture is warm and welcoming of tourists and foreigners. Lisboans (know as Alfacinhas) are friendly and the city is very safe.

4. Culture

But we have more than just food.  Music plays an important role, from Portugal’s Fado to Brazil’s Bossa Nova. In Lisbon, there is constantly live music being played on the streets and bars.

Lisbon is also home to electronic dance music culture, which attracts many artists from all over the world.

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