Fado in Lisbon

The “Fado” in Lisbon.

In this great city you will find two types of Fado – the Fado from the capital of Portugal and another another from the beautiful city of Coimbra (in the centre of Portugal).
In the capital it is always sung by only one singer.
In Coimbra this type of music is normally performed by students from the university of  Coimbra.
The topics of it are always related with sadness, love and longing for things that were lost in the past of the Portuguese people.
However, the Fado from Coimbra also contains humor and political topics that can be funny and very interesting.

There different opinions about the origin of this type of Music. The word itself (FADO) has a latin origin (fatum which means fate). There are people that believe that it cames from Africa while other tend to believe that is connected with the African dance from Brazil.

You should try a “Casa de Fado” if you have decided to visit Lisbon. You will find loads of options around the city but we suggest one in Alfama, the most authentic ones “casas de fado”.

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Lisbon offers you: Loads of sunshine, mild temperatures and a different (better) lifestyle! The capital of Portugal has the ingredientes that you need to live WELL!
Lisbon is now attracting foreign citizens from all over the world. Many of them are  upper-middle class from different parts of the globe!  There many reasons for the choice, for example, if you want to buy a house in Lisbon you have to be aware that this capital is much cheaper than most of cities in Europe.
So, the questions for you is: “what is the best part of Lisbon to live? The answer is: it depends on what you are looking for! Lisbon has solutions for everyone and for every budget!

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