A few Christmas facts about Portuguese Christmas

A few facts about Portuguese Christmas

In Portugal, like in many other countries in the world, Christmas is a big affair in Lisbon and also in Portugal. It means family, food, wine and many presents!

If you want to say Merry Christmas in Portuguese you should say Boas festas! or Feliz Natal! In November and December you will see many the Christmas lights in the main streets of city centre (Lisbon, Porto and all the Portuguese main cities).

Check a few facts that you should now.


If you like to have and to see snow  you can travel to the North of Portugal to Serra da Estrela mountains.  Here you will see plenty of it and you can also try the best cheese of Portugal that is made in this region of Portugal.

In Lisbon, the sunny weather continues throughout the winter. However, the temperature drops and it rains often.


BACALHAU of course

On Christmas eve, bacalhau is eaten from the North to the south of Portugal with boiled potatoes. On the following day,  ‘Peru’ or turkey is usualy the dish that portuguese family use to eat.

The most famous cake is ‘Bolo Rei’, a soft brioche-style fruit cake.


Pai Natal

Very very important for Portuguese children. Known as Father Christmas, Pai Natal visits portuguese children to drop off their presents.

The look of Pai Natal is universal – red clothes and a big white beard. However, we don’t offer him cookies and milk.

Presents are opened at midnight on Christmas eve when all the family is together. This is a very special moment for portuguese children.


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