Things you can’t lose in Lisbon

Things you can’t lose in Lisbon

You have to book a trip with the most famous tram in Lisbon, the number 28!

The old trams are still very popular in Lisbon not only for tourist but also for locals. The 28 offers a incredible way to travel and see great and funy areas of Lisbon. The sound that this machine produces is different from anything that you have heard before. The number 28 is the most famous one but you try any tram to experience this type of mean of transportation.

Terreiro do Paço
A fantastic square and an unique symbol of the capital of Portugal. It was rebuilt in 1755 after the giant Earthquake (and tsunami) that destoyed Lisbon.  The square is magnifcent, with loads of charming restaurants and bars and a fantastic walking pavement along the Tagus River (Rio Tejo) that you have to try in the late afternoon.

You really have to try a “Pastel de Belém!”
One of the many highlights of the capital!!! A must try thing!  A pastry that tourists and locals eat with coffee, late, tea…

Bairro Alto
Lisbon is very well known  for its great nightlife. Follow this recomendation: make some shopping in Chiado (a busy area in the city centre) and then enjoy the view in a roofbar. Then go for dinner in Bairro alto and finish your day in a night club!!!

The Expo area (Parque das Nações) is located in a new area of Lisbon and there you will find this great attraction, the Oceanarium. One of the biggest in the world and the perfect place to see very closely the fauna of the seas.

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The Portuguese Language

The Portuguese Language

The Portuguese language is spoken in diferent countries and places in the world.

As so many other languages and idoms, the differences between accents can be very solid and can affect the hability to understand the language by those that are leaning the portuguese language.

Have a look on the main differences between Portuguese from Portugal and Portuguese from Brasil.


Grammar and Spelling – Portuguese Language

It will be hard for you to find strong diferences between the spelling of these two countries as there aren’t many differences.
However, people from Brasil are very creative when they use the idiom and, very often, they turn substantives into verbs.

Check the following example: : “vou dar os parabéns à Maria!” means to congratulate Maria in Lisbon but brasilian people change and transform the noun “parabéns” into a new well known verb called “parabenizar”.

When assimilating foreign and coloquial expressions, Brazilian people can be very creative in terms of phonetics.
On the other hand, Portuguese people is more resistant to this kind of phonetics changes.

The world of  “Sotaques” (Accents)

When you learn European Portuguese, you will feel that Brazilian Portuguese is easier to ear and understand than Portuguese from Portugal.  In the capital of Portugal, people from Lisbon speak very fast and much faster than in São Paulo or Brasilia.
Brazilian from Rio de Janeiro  and from Brazil in general has a strong but easy accent which makes the idiom easier for those that intend to learn the portuguese idiom.

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Belém, a great attraction!

If you are visiting Lisbon you can’t miss Belém!

Lisbon’s most monumental and historical area is Belém. It was from here that many of the great Portuguese explorers embarked on their voyages of discovery: Prince Henry the Navigator and the first overseas expedition to conquer Ceuta in Morocco, Bartholomeu Dias to round the Cape of Good Hope, the first voyages of Ferdinand Magellan, Vasco da Gama to discover the sea route to India, and Christopher Columbus stopped here on his way back to Europe after discovering the New World.

This great place is located only three quilometres from the center of the capital of Portugal. On the shore of Tagus River you will find Belém. This area has the best of history and fashion

This district has a strong connection with the Portuguese explorers that have embarked from this place of the city to conquer the world.


You can’t miss the following monuments:
  1. Mosteiro dos Jerónimos
  2. Torre – the most precious stone of the city of Lisbon.


These great monuments are considered World Cultural Heritage (UNESCO).


But, in Lisbon, there are many more things that you can not miss:
  1. Padrão dos Descobrimentos
  2. National museum of coaches)
  3. Palace (the residence of the President)
  4. Marine Museum
  5. National museum of archaeology
  6. Berardo museum
  7. CCB
  8. Tropical Botanical Garden
  9. Fábrica de Pastéis (a great great pastry shop and delicious traditional tarts.

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Conversation Lesson Plan

Conversation Lesson Plan

If you want to improve your European Portuguese skills, our conversation lessons can be a great solution for your needs.


Check the following lesson plan and get and idea of the structure of our conversation lessons:



Identifique as partes do corpo.

  1. Orelha
  2. O pescoço
  3. O calcanhar
  4. A coluna
  5. A nádega
  6. O cotovelo
  7. As costas
  8. A cabeça
  9. O ombro
  10. O músculo
  11. A mão
  12. A boca
  13. A perna
  14. O braço
  15. O joelho
  16. O pé
  17. O dedo
  18. O peito
  19. O olho
  20. O nariz


Que especialista deve consultar para tratar problemas relacionados com…

  1. Dentes?
  2. Coração?
  3. Pele?
  4. Olhos?
  5. Nariz, garganta e ouvidos


Em que parte da casa está…

. O espelho?

. A cama?

. A estante?

. O lavatório?

. A banheira?

. A mesa?

. O fogão?

(Descreve uma das palavras desta página)


Trabalho a pares:

  1. Viajas muito em negócios?
  2. Actualmente praticas algum desporto?
  3. Fazes horas extraordinárias no teu emprego?
  4. Sais sempre tarde da tua empresa?
  5. Já experimentaste Karaté?
  6. Tens aulas de natação?
  7. Sabes Nadar?
  8. Tens muitas reuniões com clientes?
  9. Já viste algum jogo de futebol no estádio?
  10. Tens reuniões todos os dias?
  11. Já fizeste hipismo?


Descrições de hotéis

Verdadeiro ou falso?

  1. O hotel Sara é mais central do que o Hotel Descobertas
  2. O Hotel Descobertas é melhor do que o Hotel Sara
  3. O Hotel Sara é mais barato do que o hotel D. Maria

Compare os hotéis:

  1. Hotel Descobertas / Hotel Sara (caro)
  1. Hotel Descobertas / Hotel Sara (grande)


Completa as frases:

  1. A ligação à internet está_________________________________________
  2. O ar condicionado está __________________________________________
  3. A lâmpada da mesa de trabalho está________________________________
  4. Não consigo abrir a porta com esta ________________________________
  5. Onde é que posso assinar________________________________________


Vamos conversar?

  1. Foste ao médico ontem?
  2. Já puseste o termómetro?
  3. Tens o colesterol alto?
  4. Dormiste bem esta noite?
  5. Andas no ginásio?
  6. Tens dentista amanhã?


– Simula a marcação de uma consulta com o teu colega.


Assinale a palavra que não pertence a grupo.

  1. Igreja quarto                  cozinha                entrada
  2. Prédio moradia               chuveiro              edifício
  3. Tapete garagem              candeeiro              sofá
  4. Garfo colher                   faca                       manteiga
  5. Fogão forno                    banheira             frigorífico
  6. Camioneta eléctrico                autocarro            paragem


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What you should know about Lisbon

What you should know about Lisbon

Welcome to our Premium low cost school school in Lisbon! If you want to learn European Portuguese you have reached the right website!

In fact this is one the biggest challenges for those that have accepted this challenge. If you’re living here and if you don’t speak the language you won’t be able to fully experience your decision.
Learning Portuguese can be dauting but at the same time, can be an incredible challenge that will also improve your ability to understand your own language!

Staying for longer?

If you’ve visited the city’s top attractions and museums, we recommend you discover Lisbon’s nearby regions and towns, Sintra, Cascais, Estoril, Óbidos, Fátima, Arrábida…


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Conversation Lessons in European Portuguese

Conversation Lessons in European Portuguese

We have conversation lessons for the following levels (A2 and B1 students).



At Gateway to portuguese we use a teaching methodology that will give you chance to hear and speak throughout the entire 60 minutes that is the period that lasts the lesson.
This methodology is very a effective way to improve your listening and speaking skills in Portuguese.
You will start speaking Portuguese from day one and you will use the language as the only means of communication and applying it during the whole lesson.


» Level A2


» Level B1 students
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